About Us

At Virqualax we tend to hear the same quesrion more than once: What is virtual reality media? Virtual reality (VR) may seem to have similarities to the workings of some off key science project. But in the gaming world it is a concept that is widely accepted and used. Nowadays VR education is scarcely used in applications for smartphones and the like in order to add new information layers. But at Virqualax the true fun and experience starts whenever we get away from the annoying part of using our hands to hold our smart device in front of our eyes in order to be in this virtual reality. Thus comes our introduction to glasses in order to free up our hands so that we can really dig deep into our new reality and be able to honestly create and explore here at Virqualax.

That's what Virqualax is all about, making sure you can actually be transported to your new reality. Complete immersion was the goal when creating this center and we have confidence that we have captured it. We invite you now to come and enjoy such an unforgettable experience with us. Come explore and create at Virqualax.

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Virqualax 7913 Fairport Road Dallad, TX 75217